Guest Information

Clubhouse Dress Code

Respecting the Clubhouse Dress Code is appreciated. Proper country club dress is required of all members, their families, and guests. Members are responsible for guests and Code details are in the Club Directory. Members and guests not abiding by the Code may be asked to leave the premises. In part, the Dress Code prohibits: jeans of any kind; shirts without collars for men; midriffs, tank tops, and halter tops; swimsuits or bare feet; “cut-off” and athletic shorts (except tennis and Bermuda shorts) cargo pants and shorts. Hats, caps, and visors are not permitted in the Clubhouse. All shirts must be tucked in.

Golf Dress Code

Salem Country Club depends on all its members to dress in an appropriate fashion. Members are responsible for informing their guest(s) of the dress code prior to play. Suitable attire for men and boys at the golf facilities includes slacks or Bermuda length shorts (a maximum of 3 inches above the knee) and a tucked-in collared shirt. Short and long sleeve mock neck shirts are permitted. Appropriate attire for women and girls includes golf shirts, golf skirts, slacks, and Bermuda length shorts (a maximum of 3 inches above the knee). Women’s golf shirts may be either collarless with sleeves or sleeveless with a collar. Women’s shirts are to be worn tucked in with the exception of finished shirts specifically designed to be worn over golf shorts or golf skirts. All hats (baseball caps, golf hats, visors, etc.) must be worn with the brims forward. “Cut offs”, jeans, running/tennis/denim/gym shorts, short-shorts, cargo pants & shorts, tee shirts and tank/halter tops are not considered appropriate attire for either men or women. The club and facilities are “spikeless,” and metal cleats of any kind are not permitted. Those not adhering to these guidelines may be asked to leave the golf course and practice facilities.

Tennis Dress Code

Appropriate attire includes any article of clothing, hat or warm-up suit recognizably manufactured exclusively for tennis. Collared shirts are required for men. Only shoes manufactured exclusively for tennis are allowed. For participants under age 14, tennis shorts are required and sloganed tee shirts are allowed only if they have a tennis slogan. Collared shirts, however, are preferred for boys. Participants not adhering to these guidelines may be asked to leave the tennis facility.