Salem Country Club Golf Course
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Hole: 9

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Gold 466 4 7
Blue 386 4 7
Black 373 4 7
White (M) 351 4 7
Green (M) 296 4 7
White (W) 351 4 5
Silver (W) 344 4 7
Green (W) 296 4 1

A hole that was clearly not built in modern times. First, the fairway features all sorts of bumps and humps, particularly down the left hand side. Secondly, the pond doesn't front the green but rather is 40 yards shy. Out of play, you say? Tell that to Ben Hogan who unsuccessfully tried to carry it from the left rough. Another feature of the hole is Ross's clever use of misdirection: a straight drive aimed toward the green will see the golfer's ball end in the left rough (now known as Hogan's Alley), thanks to the right to left pitch of the fairway. The golfer must force himself to aim further right than makes him comfortable but a relatively flat lie for his approach will be his reward if he does so.
Drive down the right side of this severly right to left sloped fairway or find yourself in the left rough with a long approach over the only pond in play at Salem. A good shot below the hole is a must on this green. A bogey awaits those who are too bold and miss long. The green runs quickly downhill toward the water.
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