Salem Country Club Golf Course
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Hole: 7

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Gold 392 4 5
Blue 373 4 5
Black 355 4 5
White (M) 331 4 5
Green (M) 279 4 5
White (W) 331 4 11
Silver (W) 331 4 11
Green (W) 279 4 7

A good example of how Ross teamed with his experienced Massachusetts construction crew to yield a superior product. Ross had an uncanny ability to find ideal green locations on top of hills and hummocks and his instincts served him well here. However, what makes the hole exceptional is the imaginative green contours. Aenaes Ross, Donald's younger brother, was the construction foreman and he insured that his brother's detailed drawings for this green were exactly carried out. The result is the largest green on the course at 7,700 sq. feet with a mound on the back right and a mound on the left that feed the ball in toward the lower, middle part of the green. The green makes the hole much more than just an uphill slog.
Drive down the right side of the fairway. Add one and a half clubs on your approach shot to this elevated green. Watch the others putt, as a few have been tricked by the subtle and not so subtle breaks on this green.
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