Salem Country Club Golf Course
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Hole: 4

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Gold 396 4 13
Blue 385 4 13
Black 358 4 13
White (M) 351 4 13
Green (M) 332 4 13
White (W) 351 4 13
Silver (W) 332 4 13
Green (W) 332 4 9

A fine compliment to the 2nd hole, this dogleg swings to the right and the fairway is canted from left to right. A fade will catch the slope and bound downhill toward the green. An easy hole to visualize today but remember: when Ross saw the land, it was completely covered in dense trees. Just to find this slope was an accomplishment and then to incorporate it so well into the playing strategy is a prime example of an architect maximizing the land.
Cut the corner if you dare, but the smart play is a ball aimed at the three maple trees across the fairway which naturally runs right toward the green. Try to cut off too much and you'll be blocked by a corner that rolls out further than it looks. Although downhill, play the yardage on your second.
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