Salem Country Club Golf Course
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Hole: 2

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Gold 398 4 9
Blue 379 4 9
Black 369 4 9
White (M) 359 4 9
Green (M) 287 4 9
White (W) 359 4 9
Silver (W) 359 4 9
Green (W) 287 4 11

An appealing dogleg to the left, the ideal drive must carry a bunker on the inside of the dogleg at the 200 yard mark from the tee. Somewhat similar to the 1st hole, there is a step in the fairway, and depth perception for the approach becomes tricky. The two-tiered green is only 25 yards deep and an approach slightly long will roll off the back shaved bank and into a tightly mown chipping area. From there, you can readily tell just how good your opponent is based on how he handles this twitchy little chip - will he putt it, or hit the three wood chip so popular these days, or elect for a bump and run, or maybe even go with a lob wedge?
Aim at the far 150 yard stake over the bunker. Shorter hitters aim right of the bunker, long hitters beware of trying to clear two trees guarding the left side. Be aware of the flag position for your approach to this two-tiered green where putting uphill is best.
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