Salem Country Club Golf Course
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Hole: 17

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Gold 425 4 12
Blue 402 4 12
Black 384 4 12
White (M) 374 4 12
Green (M) 284 4 12
White (W) 374 4 8
Silver (W) 374 4 10
Green (W) 284 4 10

The last three holes at Salem are two shot holes of roughly the same length. Each is quite good and three golfers could reasonably choose any one of the three as his favorite. The authors would select the 17th, thanks to its superlative green complex. The green is located on a small hillock and slopes from back to front and any shot out of the rough will not hold the shallow green. The resulting chip back can easily trundle across the green and off the false front. The only way to get a ball close to the front hole locations is to bump it into the bank that fronts the green.
A drive to the center right of the fairway gives you a good look at the green. The fairway bunker is a jail, as is a miss left off the tee. Play your second shot for the center or right side of this right to left tilted green. The left side of the green is hard to hold with many balls ending up in thick rough with delicate chip sliding away toward the hole.
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