Salem Country Club Golf Course
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Hole: 15

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Gold 531 5 2
Blue 499 5 2
Black 488 5 2
White (M) 478 5 2
Green (M) 455 5 2
White (W) 478 5 2
Silver (W) 455 5 2
Green (W) 455 5 2

The longest of the three shot holes at Salem, how the best senior players play it will be fascinating to watch. The tee ball is downhill to a fairway that slopes from right to left and sets up perfectly for a draw. However, at the 300 yard mark a brook in the left and right rough pinches the fairway to just twenty yards in width. The green is easily within reach from this area, which is the sole flat spot in the fairway. For those unwilling to accept the risk that the brook poses, they will have to lay back a touch. By doing so, they almost insure themselves of an awkward stance in the lumpy fairway and trying to reach the uphill green from such a position would be a mighty shot indeed. The green is funnel shaped with its high left and right sides that slope toward the middle.
Aim for the brook on the right. The far left side brook is 25 yards closer to the tee and is reachable for some. Long hitters, go for it. Those laying up should lay just right of the left fairway trap. Take an extra club for your uphill approach to this saddleback green. All approaches feed to the middle of the green.
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